Saturday, January 14, 2012

What happened to Aunt Pearl's Dodge...The True Story

I kept going back down to the river by myself looking for the Dodge. I saw a lot of stuff like this cow that wanted to talk to me but not the Dodge.

Like I said everything looked different but I talked to everyone who hung around "The River" if they had seen it.

A couple of little kids told me about some cars they they had seen down by the river, but they were riverbank cars.

Finally, I found the Dodge. My girlfriend's uncle, Clyde Donald, who junked for a living, went with me and we brought it over to his house where I tried to get it running again. I never could so I just left it. Finally Clyde Donald told me he was going to fix it up and try to sell it. I told him to go ahead.

Eventually his neighbors, Addie and Al Thorade bought the Dodge for $150.00 On the back of the photo is written, "Al bought this Dodge from Clyde Donald for $150.00 It was a good car but it always smelled like dogs and beer. We're still waiting for the title."