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Photos July 3, 2008

Following are all the photos Sara or I took on July 3, 2008:
left to right: Unknown friend of Jane and Terry, Fr. Bob Landewe, Jane's husband Terry Mooneyham, Tom's granddaughter Jaycee Lee, Ed's daughter Taylor Lee, Jane's son Beauregard Lee Mooneyham, Jim's grandsons Trey (James) Lee and Austin Lee, Jack Pettijohn's grandson Blake George, Ed's son James Lee, Ed's sister-in-law. (There are four males named James Lee in the family. So that we know who we are talking about when we speak of James Lee, they are known as Big Jim, not to do with size, just to differentiate him from his son, Lil Jim. Lil Jim has a son, James Lee III who is called Trey and Ed and Cheryl have a son James who goes by James.)

Tom Lee, his wife Viola (Vi) and their daughter Stephanie Lee are all sitting on the bench, That's Ed's wife Cheryl wearing a white sleeveless blouse and a big hat. Jim's daughter Sara Sayers is leaning against brick post and wearing sunglasses and a big hat. In front of Sara is Brenda Chism, a neighbor who gardened with Mom in her house on New Street. Jim's son Jim is standing close to Sara wearing a dark shirt. His wife Kristin is sitting in front of him holding their daughter, Sophia Grace (Sophie).

Standing to the right of Jim is his sister-in-law Karen Alexander, next to Jim on his left is Van Chism- Brenda's husband. Standing next to Van is John David Lee. The two ladies sitting on the bench behind Tom are Mom's neighbor, Betty, and her daughter from Kingsbury Street. Betty liked cooking deserts and always brought something over for Mom. The White haired man in the Khaki pants is Richard McCabe, a friend of Mom and Dad. I don't know who the woman in the black pants is.

Jane and Terry's unknown friend, Jane Mooneyham, Terry Mooneyham.

Standing against the wall: Jim Lee, Mike McDevitt, Paul McGlothlin. Look at all the big hats on the people sitting on the benches.

This here is a picture, taken by my daughter Sara Sayers, of John David taking a picture.

Jim's grandsons Trey and Austin with Blake George. Behind them is the cemetary director. Mom's last trip was taken in the short bus.

Jim's grandson Austin talking to neighbor Jack Pettijohn. Holding Blake George is Scott Avery, a friend of son Jim, and Blake's sister Skyler George. Blake and Skyler's mother is Brooke George, Jack and Sharon Pettijohn's daughter. Brooke also lives in the neighborhood and was a neighbor of Mom on New Street.

Austin Lee and Skyler George.

Ganey holding Sophie, talking to her daughter-in-law Kristin.

John David Lee leaning on the gate admiring a fine example of American Automotive engineering that ran when parked. Eddie Joe got it running again! Eddie Joe is the one referred to in By The Numbers as the "Jeep Junkie".

Kristin and her husband Jim talking to their Uncle Ed (visible through windshield of Jeep).

Edward Joseph Lee (Uncle Ed) leaning against barn and talking to his nephew Jim and Niece Kristin who is holding Ed's grand-niece Sophia Grace (Sophie).

Kristin, Sophie, Ganey and Lexie the almost deaf dog.

Kristin and Sophie

This photo was taken on February 18, 2004, the day we interred Dad. Jim Lee, Jane Mooneyham, Tom Lee, Bob's wife Mary Lou Lee and Fr. Bob Landewe. It is really sad that none of us thought to have a similar photo taken of the children of Bob and Mary Lou who were present at Mom's interrment. Jim, Jane, Tom were there, along with John and Ed. By the time I thought of it, Jane and Terry had already left and the crowd was dispersing. Maybe Ed or John got some more photos.

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